CellMat Technologies posses a wide experience in incorporating novel alternative additives to the formulations used in the production of polymeric foams. These additives fulfill the following roles:

1.They act on the cellular structure improving it in several terms: reducing cell size, increasing cellular homogeneity, reducing open cell content, etc. Depending on both polymeric matrix and foaming process, those additives are used as nucleating agents, as elements to improve the rheological behavior of the polymer matrix thus reducing the mechanisms responsible for the degeneration of cellular structure and also they can contribute to enhance barrier properties of the polymeric matrix. As a general result, it is possible to reach lower densities for a given content  of blowing agent.

2.They enhance the properties of the material comprising cell walls, acting in important properties such as thermal, mechanical or flame retardancy.

A proper selection of these additives can generate synergetic effects in foamed products, leading to significant improvements in physical properties and/or to the possibility of reducing density of the products but keeping the properties and therefore reducing manufacturing costs.

These additives based in micro and nano particles have been tested at industrial scale in the production of non-crosslinked polyolefin foams, polystyrene foams (XPS and EPS) and rigid and flexible polyurethanes obtaining noteworthy improvements.

If you want to enhance your products perfomance, reducing density and/or costs and/or achieving a better overall behaviour, contact us and we will explaing you our solutions.