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CellMat Technologies, a spin-off Company from the University of Valladolid (Spain) brings to the market novel cellular materials and bioplastics.

CellMat Technologies emerged from the Research Group of Physics and Chemistry of the Solids and has developed, among others, materials for under-water applications.

CellMat Technologies is a very interesting success story of transference of know-how between academia and industry. More than 25 years ago, José Antonio de Saja, full professor of University of Valladolid, created the Research Group of Physics and Chemistry of the Solids. It was aimed to the study of the development of advanced materials produced using polymers with interesting applications in a wide range of technological sectors. As a result of this work, 15 years ago, Miguel Angel Rodríguez and José Antonio de Saja, full proffessors of the University of Valladolid founded the CellMat Laboratory. The research performed by this Laboratory in the field of cellular materials has resulted in more than 150 publications, 11 patents and in many agreements and contracts with companies all over the world. Some of this companies have integrated in their products and/or have commercialized the novel materials developed by CellMat.

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