Bioplastics are a new generation of materials capable or reducing significantly the environmental impact in terms of energy comsumption and post-use waste generation.

These facts has been the origin of the revolution which is taking place nowadays in the field of bioplastics. The objective is not only searching for alternatives to the traditional oil-derived plastics, each time more social, legal and environmentally penalized, but also to optimize the exploitation of natural resources and to diminish the carbon footprint associated to the use and processing of plastics.

Currently, the bioplastics sector is in constant growth, (growth rates of around a 15% per year) and this growth is expected to be faster in the following years due to several reasons: the improvements achieved in materials properties, cost reduction, and environmental and legal pressures.


CellMat Technologies has a high degree of specialization in the bioplastics field. Our specific know-how and technologies allows changing products currently based in traditional oil-derived plastics in bioplastics based ones, but also improving the properties and production process of items already based in bioplastics.