Event – AIMPLAS Conference 2015

AMIPLASWorkshop: Technologies, Trends and Possibilities of Foamed Plastics.

Organized by Aimplas.

21st May, 2015, Valencia (Spain)

The Technical Institute of Plastic, Aimplas organized on 21sth May a tecnical Workshop where the trends, processing technologies and possiblities of foamed materials were revised.

During the workshop the latest trends related with the application of polymeric foams in sectors such as building and construction, automotive and packaging were presented by companies such as Ursa, Sekisui Alveo and Group WPO. CellMat Technologies and Aimplas reviewed on their respective talks the basis and current trends in polymeric cellular materials. Companies such as Talleres Pena S.A., A. Schulmand and Clariant, who sponsored the Worksshop, presented several technological novelties related with the fabrication and the use of additives in cellular materials.

The presentation given by CellMat Technologies during the workshop can be downloaded here.

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